Welcome to Codroper,
Your leading cleaning supply, toiletry and perfumery shop
Codroper is currently involved in a process for human and technology improvement, with the aim of obtaining greater profits in all its business processes to thus be able to offer better conditions to both our partners and clients. From here on out, clients will be better informed and receive better service.


Productivity has a name, FileMaker

Codroper is a dynamic and flexible company that has evolved from a traditional wholesaler to a diversified business based on the distribution, importing, marketing and sale of cleaning, toiletry and perfumery products. In order to manage over 30,000 product references, FileMaker is used in buying and selling processes, billing and warehouse management processes.

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Interview with Hans Jonker in the Diari de Sant Cugat ‘The crisis makes consumers try out new products’

At a time when shop and generic brands seem to win the game with large companies, the CODROPER Cooperative, specialising in the distribution cleaning and toiletry products, is growing at an outstanding pace, compared to the fragile financial situation of the overall retail sector.

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